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The Resource for your Nonhuman Primate Research We offer primate antibodies and recombinant proteins for pre-clinical NHP studies, NHP-specific reagents for in vitro assays, and have an industry wide antibody reactivity database for NHP species.

Recent Publications Using Our Reagents...

Our anti-IL-10 was used to neutralize cytokines in vivo during Mycobacterium tuberculosis infection.

Check it out on  J. Immunol. 204: 644–659.  https://t.co/b3pxFv4IF2?amp=1

2020 March 13

Induction of Transient Virus Replication Facilitates Antigen-Independent Isolation of SIV-Specific Monoclonal Antibodies.

Pedreño-Lopez, Nuria Dang, Christine M Rosen, Brandon C Ricciardi, Michael J Bailey, Varian K Gutman, Martin J Gonzalez-Nieto, Lucas Pauthner, Matthias G Le, Khoa Song, Ge Andrabi, Raiees Weisgrau, Kim L Pomplun, Nicholas Martinez-Navio, José M Fuchs, Sebastian P Wrammert, Jens Rakasz, Eva G Lifson, Jeffrey D Martins, Mauricio A Burton, Dennis R Watkins, David I Magnani, Diogo M

Mol Ther Methods Clin Dev


2019 September 23

TLR7 agonists induce transient viremia and reduce the viral reservoir in SIV-infected rhesus macaques on antiretroviral therapy.

Lim SY, Osuna CE, Hraber PT, Hesselgesser J, Gerold JM, Barnes TL, Sanisetty S, Seaman MS, Lewis MG, Geleziunas R, Miller MD, Cihlar T, Lee WA, Hill AL, Whitney JB

Science translational medicine

Anti-CD8 alpha [MT807R1]

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2020 Aug 12

New Pilot Isotyping Reagents

Test 2

2019 Nov 07

Learn about our temperature-controlled shipping

We tested and validated new packaging materials for shipping antibody reagents for in vivo use. The goals were cost-effective materials that prevented vial damage during shipping and could maintain 0-4 C temperature for over 24 hours.

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